DEW Additive Manufacturing (hereinafter referred to as DEW) is a high-tech enterprise

focusing on binder jet 3D printing technology. 

DEW focuses on 3D printing technology. With the application and small batch production, the company currently has 4 small and medium-sized equipment, 3 sintering and heat treatment equipment, and more than 20 sets of printing and post-processing equipment. Introduced 2 sets of medium-sized equipment, high-vacuum metal hot zone sintering furnace, professional post-processing equipment, etc.

Further improve capacity building and the introduction of R&D personnel. Currently, the industry is in the second round of accelerated growth driven by the wave of new technologies. In the future, the continuous expansion of industry application scenarios will continue to maintain rapid growth.

DEW firmly believes in creating value for customers, takes products as the center, and strives to become a leader in the industry with the increasingly complete product system.

Verified Material Type
Bronze, 3O4L, H13,4340 Tantalum Alloy,Aluminum Alloy, H13,17-4PH, HX, 420,4140,Cobalt Chromium, Copper,Haynes230,Silver, Tungsten Alloy,Tc4,Rose Gold, Tungsten, 316L, Pure Titanium,M2 tool steel, Hl1, Inconel625, Inconel718
Glass, alumina, zirconia, zirconia carbide, graphite, silicon nitride, tungsten carbide, boron carbide, barium titanate, diamond, lead zirconate titanate/PZT, silicon carbide
Composite Material
316 copper infiltration, 420 infiltration copper, tungsten infiltration Invar alloy.tungsten copper alloy, boron carbide albuminization, silicon carbide albuminization, graphite silicon infiltration